Centos 6.0 for root server

We are pleased to announce that we can now also offer automatic installations in the current Centos version 6.0 for root servers.
The installations are available as minimal operating system installations without an administration tool and with the cPanel administration tool we offer.

The following packages are installed in the respective versions:

CentOS 6 Plain
Perl 5.10.1
Postfix 2.6.6

CentOS 6 with cPanel
Apache 2.2.19
Pearl 5.10.1
PHP 5.2.17
Ppure-FTPd 1.0.32
Exim 4.69
MySQL 5.1.56

Best regards,
Your blog team

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  • Reply Ali 21. July 2011 at 07: 11


    There is new news about root server + Virtuozzo?

    • Reply Christoph 21. July 2011 at 08: 50


      we are now testing the image. We will offer the option in about 2 weeks.


  • Reply Ali 21. July 2011 at 10: 10

    Hello again,

    Is it possible migration from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo?
    How many IPs are intended for root server + Virtuozzo?

  • Reply Lukas 21. July 2011 at 12: 23


    Sure, it is possible to migrate from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo Containers. Parallels recommend to use "vzp2v", the Virtuozzo Physical to Virtual utility, in this case. It is also possible to synchronize private container areas from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo nodes, but you will need to convert them. Virtuozzo and OpenVZ use different file systems for containers, this disallows unconverted containers to be started.

    Take a look on for further information on "vzp2v".

    Best Regards,

  • Reply Mohammed Ali 21. July 2011 at 17: 31


    Thanks Lukas and Christoph.

    How much did the price of the Virtuozzo license?

    • Reply Christoph 21. July 2011 at 17: 37

      The Price is not final, we will post it here if there are new information.

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