1.000 MBit for all Part 2 !!

On Friday, August 05.08.2011th, 1.000, we will upgrade the last remaining network segment to our current standard and thus really be able to offer our XNUMX MBit option for every root server customer.

All those who have not yet been able to increase their parking space will also be able to enjoy the ten times faster connection of the server and the associated increase in the traffic limit from Friday.

This traffic limit until the bandwidth is reduced increases automatically from 2.000 GB per month to an incredible 5.000 GB per month as soon as the 1.000 MBit option has been activated.

Due to the long waiting time for some customers, the introductory offer for all will remain until October 31.10.2011, 9,99. So you get the option if you order by this date for € 19,99 per month, the regular price for this extension is € XNUMX.

The new feature can still be ordered via our customer interface: -> Bestellsystem -> 1.000 MBit

Best regards!
The blog team

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