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The new Virtual Server Cloud from!

Today we are launching our new Virtual Server Cloud products. The new cloud features include all new virtual servers as well as the existing virtual servers of our existing customers. The following features are now available to all customers on the basis of a daily billing:

- Increase in CPU performance by up to 4 cores and 8.000 MHz
- Increase of the main memory by up to 8.192 MB
- Increase the storage space by up to 300 GB

All performance values ​​are increased immediately in real time and can be booked for a longer period of time in addition to a daily billing for a fair monthly basic fee. However, so that costs do not get out of hand, the expansion and reduction of resources can be conveniently controlled using a specially developed, innovative planning calendar.

The new features were preceded by an extensive conversion of our hardware and software. Our virtual server host systems have been replaced by new Supermicro servers and are now available with two dual Xeon hexa-core CPUs of the type E5645 and 64 GB DDR3 RAM. On the software side, the entire control and management of the virtual servers has been redesigned in order to implement a live changeover and to provide every customer with the required resources at any time via intelligent load balancing.

In addition to the new cloud feature, we have also introduced a new virtual server flagship called Virtual Server XL. The new high-performance server is available via the following performance parameters and can also be made even more powerful in all areas using the cloud functions:

- 8.000 MHz CPU performance with 4 cores
- 8.192 MB RAM, guaranteed
- 16.384 MB RAM, dynamic
- 300 GB hard disk space
- 4 IP addresses
- 4 x .de domains included

The price of the Virtual Server XL is low for 39,99 euros per month for the Linux version (Windows: 44,99 euros per month) and can currently be tested for one month free of charge. We do not charge a setup fee until September 30.09.2011, XNUMX, even with a monthly term!
An upgrade to our new Virtual Server XL is possible from all Virtual Server products.

You can find more details and the latest information about our new Virtual Server Cloud at

Best regards!

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  • Reply Mohammed Ali 5. August 2011 at 22: 01


    When I ordered my v-server, v-server CPU-Power was 3000 MHZ with 2 core now my v-server have 1 core, whether my CPU-Power is 2000 MHZ?



  • Reply Christoph 5. August 2011 at 22: 12


    there was a mistake from us! We have changed the CPU back to 2 cores.


  • Reply Mohammed Ali 5. August 2011 at 22: 18

    Thanks Christoph, Please check memory too, because currently i have 1GB RAM.

  • Reply Christoph 5. August 2011 at 23: 02

    Memory is correct. L-1 and Virtual Server S both have 1024 MB guaranteed memory.

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