Battlefield 3 game server on root servers?

Since customers have asked more often in the last few days, we are now answering via our blog:

Question: Do Battlefield 3 game servers also run on root servers?

Answer: Unfortunately no, EA grants special licenses to host Battlefield 3 game servers. These license agreements are only given to professional game hosts who meet certain criteria. So if you want to operate a Battlefield 3 game server, you can only do this with a game server that can be rented separately. We recommend the Battlefield 3 game server from gamed! De - Gameserver. Incidentally, the gamed! De servers are located in the immediate vicinity of your root servers in the neighboring data center on our premises. Have a look!

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Update (May 30, 2012): gamed! De - gameserver now also has Battlefield 3 root servers. The new Battlefield 3 root server product is presented in more detail in a blog post on the gamed! De blog.

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