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Failover IP for all root servers at!

From now on all of our root server customers can have a failover IP for their root server in our central customer management at order.

You can use the failover IP on all of your root servers at The server on which the IP address is currently to be active can be set live in our central customer management. With the failover IP, fail-safety can be created, which is otherwise only possible with complex and expensive load balancers. The changeover takes place live and is directly available, long waiting times that were required for updating the DNS entries are a thing of the past.
You can enter a domain on the failover IP in our free DNS system, set up the failover IP on your server X and activate it via our central customer management. If there is a problem on server X, switch the failover IP to server Y, configure the IP there and your service is completely available again.
An API is also available, with which a failover IP can even be switched automatically from your servers. If server Y detects that server X is not available, it can automatically assign the failover IP and thus reduce the downtime even further.

The failover IP can be booked in our central customer management for an inexpensive 5,00 euros per month for each root server customer. There is no limit to the number of pieces, so that several failover IP addresses can be used.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with a new and, above all, very useful feature!
Soon we will be able to report to you here in our blog about new operating systems that are currently in the test phase!

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