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Linux virtualization systems of the Virtual Server Cloud are up to date

The maintenance work we announced on our virtualization systems for Linux VPS in our Virtual Server Cloud on Wednesday, February 29th, has been successfully completed. In the course of the maintenance work, we brought the basic system and the virtualization software up to date. With the updates carried out, all VPS in the Virtual Server Cloud are based on the latest version 4.7 of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux. Parallels Virtual Automation is also updated to the latest build of version 4.6.4.

Thanks to this important software update, you now benefit from a current kernel version, which among other things offers better performance and increased stability. Other important innovations are full native IPv6 support, optimized process management and a new storage management for all vServers.

In the future, thanks to the new kernel version, we will be able to offer you new operating system versions for CentOS and openSUSE. We will of course inform you about the publication of these on our blog.

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