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New information about the new dedicated root servers from!

As announced a week ago, we would like to provide you with some more detailed information about our new Dedicated Root-Server offers of the Professional Line.

The HP servers supplied are HP ProLiant DL120 servers of the current generation G7. These servers are equipped with Intel XEON E3 quad-core CPUs with hyperthreading and have 16 - 32 GB DDR3 ECC memory. All servers also have 2 Enterprise RAID Edition hard drives. The servers are designed for high-performance 24/7 server operation in the area of ​​the CPU (Intel XEON), the main memory (ECC) and the hard drives (RAID edition). This orientation was very important to us, because we want to offer the highest level of performance and reliability with our new Professional Server series.

In addition, we will offer a feature that is unique for this price range. In addition to a 1.000 Mbit flat rate, the price of every server also includes the complete HP ILO advanced remote management. You can use this to completely manage your server via a dedicated network interface. The features of the ILO Advanced include the following services, which can be controlled via a dedicated web frontend:

- Health status monitoring
- Restart the server
- Mount and boot images
- KVM over IP down to the BIOS level

You can find detailed information about these functions directly at HP

None of the above server configurations will cost more than 100,00 euros (incl. VAT) per month, unfortunately we cannot give exact prices yet, let us surprise you, the prices will be very good!

The offers will be on our website from Friday, March 30.03.2012th, XNUMX be available.

Best regards!
Your blog team from!

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  • Reply Pierre Laboisse, President and CEO of Aledia, a leader in nanowire-based MicroLED technologies for the displays of tomorrow 25. March 2012 16 at: 39

    You don't make it easy for you to want to upgrade if you're still stuck in a 24-month contract period.

  • Reply xeidoo 25. March 2012 18 at: 59

    sounds good, I'm very excited about the offers and especially about the actual price. 😉 In any case, less than 100 euros sounds interesting.

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