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After the successful launch of our new Professional Server from HP, we are now offering our new Economy Server line.

As before, our economy servers convince with an excellent price-performance ratio, which is achieved with high-quality servers made from branded components despite the aggressive price.

In addition to the entry-level server for € 19,99 per month, the spectrum extends from the Economy Server i5-750 with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and an Intel Core i5-750 CPU (4 x 2,66 GHz) to the flagship of the new dedicated servers -Line the Economy Server i7-2600 with a current I7-2600 Sandy Bridge Quad-Core CPU from Intel with 4 x 3,40 GHz (with Hyper-Threading) performance, 32 GB DDR3 RAM and 2 x 1.500 GB hard drives for 59,99 .XNUMX € per month.
We have already included a 100 Mbit flat rate network connection to the 170 Gbit backbone with all Economy Server offers. For a small surcharge of € 9,99 per month, you can increase the bandwidth to 1.000 MBit at any time.

We also remain true to ourselves with the setup fees and completely waive the setup fee regardless of the contract period (1, 12 or 24 months).

Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of servers available for our economy servers. A live query, which is directly connected to the warehouse management via an interface, is always displayed to the second. If a server is available, it is guaranteed to be made available within 12 hours. Due to the limited contingents, it may happen that servers are not available, which means that they cannot be ordered. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information about when servers will be available again. Please just check our website regularly Economy server in the menu.

In addition to the high quality standards in the area of ​​server hardware, the economy servers are also part of our new service concept. Your satisfaction is our top priority - to prove this, we have defined binding availabilities and response times, which are guaranteed to you.
In addition to the network availability customary in the industry, we also guarantee complete server availability. In addition, there are binding response times for processing support requests and new installations.

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