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Plesk 11 and new Full Plesk Package at a special price!

Just in time for the launch of the new and innovative admin panel Plesk 11 from Parallels, we are introducing you to our new Full Plesk Package at a promotional price from € 4,99 per month. The Full Plesk Package is now available to all existing and new customers. The package is available for our vServer products at a promotional price of € 4,99 per month and for our dedicated root server for € 9,99 per month.

The following Plesk 11 services are included in the new package:

- Unlimited domain license
- Application Pack
- ColdFusion
- Spamassassin
- Tomcat
- PostreSQL (on Linux)
- MsSQL (on Windows)
- Gameserver module
- Web Presence Builder 100 Sites
- Customer & Business Manager

In this package, which will be available exclusively from us, almost all Plesk add-ons including a Plesk 11 unlimited license are available. The regular price for these services would be over € 100,00 per month, which results in a price advantage of more than € 90,00 per month for you as our customers.

With our new package, we would particularly like to support customers who are building their own hosting business based on our products. With this package you can offer your customers exciting hosting products at a really good price. In addition to the virtualization solutions with Virtuozzo and VMware vSphere 5 that have already been launched, with which you can become a vServer provider yourself, the new Plesk package rounds off the portfolio for your own hosting business. Existing customers can order the new package directly in the central customer management at .

In the next few weeks we will be offering an extension of our pre-installed virtualization solutions for our dedicated root server products. Like the solution for VMware vSphere 5, these preinstalled solutions will also be made available to you free of charge.
In addition, we will use our innovative central customer management ( in the course of the year to add a reseller function, which will also be available to all customers free of charge. With these and other measures, we want to support customers in particular who want to become active in the hosting business themselves.

We look forward to your feedback on our new Full Plesk Package!

Your blog team from

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  • Reply Michael 4. July 2012 at 21: 16

    You can only say: cool action!

    I just rented a server from you and was just about to get a Plesk upgrade license, as I plan to host some domains on your server in the near future.
    That saves you money, of course. 🙂

    Will it stay at 5 or 10 euros or will the price go up?

    Greetings: Michael

    • Reply Christoph 4. July 2012 at 22: 20

      Hello Michael,

      Thank you very much for your feedback!

      If you have ordered the package once, the price remains the same for the entire duration of the contract. The package will soon be more expensive for new orders, as it is currently a special offer.


  • Reply Thomas 4. July 2012 at 23: 38

    Could you switch to PLESK 11 with a server with Confixx? (yes to migrate ...)

    • Reply Christoph 4. July 2012 at 23: 45

      Hello Thomas!

      Yes, this is possible at any time. Simply open a support ticket with the request to switch to Plesk and installation with Plesk is immediately possible for you.


  • Reply Michael 5. July 2012 at 09: 36

    Now you are tempting me to order a second server almost directly just to be able to use the offer cheaply. 🙂
    A 2-way server was planned anyway. Just not so early.

    • Reply Christoph 5. July 2012 at 09: 40

      Thanks for the feedback!

      We would be happy to provide you with another server! 😉


  • Reply Alexander 6. July 2012 at 11: 09

    Hello, really great offer. Is there an approximate time how long the offer will last? I already have a DS and a VS with you.

    The offer really makes my mouth water. I would like to move to you with a Hetzner server.

    However, one question: do I have to take Debian + Plesk? Or can I also install Ubuntu and then Plesk on it myself? Would it be possible? Or. can the Plesk key be downloaded from the ZKM?

    • Reply Christoph 6. July 2012 at 11: 21

      Hi Alexander,

      the offer will last at least until August.

      The key will also be available for download in our central customer management.


  • Reply Klaus DK 6. July 2012 at 23: 04


    I have ordered the Full Plesk Package license, the license is installed on my server,

    unfortunately I do not have access to:

    Sites published with Web Presence Builder 0

    User accounts (resellers and customers) in Customer and Business Manager 0


  • Reply Kevin 7. July 2012 at 12: 53


    Where can I get the update now?
    I find no function for it?

    • Reply Christoph 7. July 2012 at 15: 42

      Hello Kevin,

      when you log into Plesk you should find under Settings -> Panel an item Updates and Upgrades.


  • Reply Kevin 30. July 2012 at 21: 01

    where can I find the offer for 4,99 €?

  • Reply Kevin 1. August 2012 at 19: 32

    I am already a customer and I just can't find it in the order system

    • Reply Christoph 1. August 2012 at 23: 15

      Hello Kevin,

      As an existing customer, you can extend the extension via our central customer management ( -> order license management.


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