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New admin panels for, the choice is yours!

As part of our constant product expansion, we are currently planning to add new admin panels to our product portfolio. Since we attach great importance to your opinion, we would like to include you in this decision-making process.
We are therefore giving you the choice of which admin panel we will use for you in the future for automated installation via our central customer management system ( should make available.

We would be very happy if you would vote for a future admin panel at at the following URL:

Admin panel poll -

The following admin panels are available:

ISPConfig (
LiveConfig (
OpenPanel (
TekLab (game server interface,
Webmin (

You have two voices available and can distribute them to two different admin panels.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey and we would be delighted if we could soon provide you with the admin panel you want!

Many greetings from Dusseldorf!

Your blog team from

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  • Reply MB 10. July 2012 at 18: 42

    ISPConfig is basically quite nice, but has a lot of bugs. A very good fork of ISPConfig is i-MSCP (

    Webmin is more suitable for system administration than for managing domains and e-mails. A combination of webmin and i-MSCP is ideal.

  • Reply Steven 10. July 2012 at 18: 50

    I am for webmin.
    Just not Teklab, you can find that everywhere at the moment.

  • Reply Andreas 10. July 2012 at 21: 26

    I am for LiveConfig,
    is the easiest to use. Webtropia should definitely take this into account.

  • Reply Mario 10. July 2012 at 22: 14

    I am for Froxlor

  • Reply David Karich 10. July 2012 at 23: 24

    Froxlor is actually absent from this survey. Even if it is a really new panel, it is already very mature for the current version status and I already have it in productive use on various other servers. If Froxlor, for whatever reason, is out of the question, I am in favor of LiveConfig.

  • Reply Karen Meinhart 11. July 2012 at 09: 23

    I'm for TekLab !!!

  • Reply Martin 11. July 2012 at 14: 07

    LiveConfig and Openpanel don't tell me anything. I use Plesk and Confix for websites because no other tool is needed. But for Games Teklab, I'm for it.

  • Reply Janek 11. July 2012 at 15: 55

    Is it actually intended that you can vote multiple times? That probably distorts the result.

    • Reply Christoph 11. July 2012 at 16: 08

      Hello Janek,

      Unfortunately, technically this could not be solved any other way. We of course rely on the fairness of our customers not to abuse this.


  • Reply Janek 11. July 2012 at 16: 17

    @Christoph: Then let's hope that certain interest groups don't try to push through “their” panel.

    If necessary, you have to weight or interpret the result later.

  • Reply Janek 11. July 2012 at 16: 36

    @MB: This is certainly the combination of Webmin and Virtualmin:

  • Reply MB 12. July 2012 at 11: 36

    @Janek: No, I mean webmin for system-relevant things and i-MSCP for hosting stuff like emails, Apache, MySQL, webmail, etc.

  • Reply Janek 12. July 2012 at 13: 12

    @MB: Okay. I was referring to the fact that with Webmit + Virtualmin you get a full-fledged "web hosting control panel for Linux and UNIX systems". Many people may only know Webmin from host administration.

  • Reply Christian 14. July 2012 at 22: 50

    - webmin (ideal for Linux systems)
    - TekBase (for game server operators)
    - Plesk, Connfix for secure and reliable administration of web servers

  • Reply René 15. July 2012 at 10: 50

    How long does this survey go? ?

    • Reply Christoph 15. July 2012 at 14: 01

      Hello Rene,

      the survey will run until Wednesday, July 18.07.2012th, XNUMX.


  • Reply Markus 15. July 2012 at 18: 56

    When will the updates for server or vserver with the new admin panels come?
    (or plesk for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS etc ...)

    An update to php 5.4 @ plesk-systemse has long been due ...

    • Reply Christoph 16. July 2012 at 10: 32

      Hi Mark,

      Every day we expect that Parallel PLesk will also be released for Ubuntu 12.04, as soon as this is the case we will inform you.


  • Reply ed 17. July 2013 at 08: 40

    Hello Christopher,

    what result or conclusion is there from this.
    As I can see from the current range of automatic installation options, this was not implemented. Is this right?

    • Reply Christoph September 24th, 2013 at 08:36

      Hello ed,

      Teklab has now been successfully integrated and next we will tackle ISPConfig.

      Sorry for the delays !!


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