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The result of the admin panel election 2012 at

Thank you for your active participation in our admin panel survey 2012!

Many of you took part in the voting and we welcome your great interest.
The final result is as follows:

1. ISPConfig with 39,28% of the vote
2. Teklab with 20,19% of the vote
3. Webmin 15,63% of the vote
4. Liveconfig 14,66% of the votes
5. Open panel 8,58% of the vote
Others with 1,66% of the vote

Based on your feedback, we will start implementing the provision of the ISPConfig and Teklab admin panels. We will keep you up to date with the current development status and the release dates. We look forward to further suggestions and new suggestions for admin panels for our Dedicated Root Server.

We wish you a good start to the week.

Your blog team!

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  • Reply René 15. August 2012 at 12: 09

    How long does the implementation take roughly?

    • Reply Christoph 6. January 2013 15 at: 09

      Hi Rene,

      unfortunately there were still some complications. The release is currently planned for the end of January and that looks good so far. We'll post it here as soon as it's ready.

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


  • Reply Lukas 6. October 2012 at 20: 12

    I would also be interested in how long the implementation will take. Will it be this year or 2013 and when 2013 ... quarter ??


    • Reply Christoph 6. October 2012 at 23: 35

      Hello Lukas,

      implementation is planned for this year.

      As soon as the admin panel is ready, we will inform you here.


  • Reply Lukas 15. December 2012 at 16: 52

    Hi, how about the planning? Can we expect it this year or not? There's not much time left ...

  • Reply Florian mueller 5. January 2013 23 at: 07

    How long does the implementation for the teklab admin tool take approx?

  • Reply Joachim 24. January 2013 09 at: 59

    I would, however, be interested in what it looks like with the winner of the vote - ISPConfig. Will you wait for 3.05 or is this panel there sooner?

    • Reply Christoph 26. January 2013 11 at: 54

      Hello Joachim!

      The launch of ISPConfig is planned for the end of Q1 this year.

      We will keep you posted on this here!


  • Reply Lukas 5. March 2013 17 at: 06

    The release of the teklab admin tool is planned for the end of January ... what about it ... small information in between during nice ...

    • Reply Christoph 5. March 2013 21 at: 56

      Hello Lukas!

      We are on the last trains here and assume that we can launch this month.


  • Reply Nicolai 3. April 2013 at 19: 29

    Hi, I'm already looking forward to the new panels, especially Teklab, can you already name a date?

    Best regards Nicolai

    • Reply Christoph 3. April 2013 at 22: 57

      Hello Nicolai,

      For our part, Teklab is finished, but we are still waiting for final feedback from the manufacturer. So it will be soon!


  • Reply Lukas 19. May 2013 at 01: 13

    Do the Taklab people take their time ???

  • Reply Joachim 5. July 2013 at 10: 24

    Hello, is there any news about the ISP Config Panel?

    • Reply Christoph 5. July 2013 at 10: 26

      Hello Joachim,

      thank you for your demand!

      We are currently in the last stages of the implementation of Teklab, after which we will take care of ISP-Config directly. We currently assume that we will be launching ISP-Config this year as well.


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