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Free VMware vSphere 5 installation now also available for economy and enterprise servers!

From now on, our existing and new customers can also install VMware vSphere 5 free of charge for our Economy and Enterprise Root Servers!

Only smaller economy servers (below the Eco i5-750) cannot be offered the installation option for performance reasons.

The installation is automated and free of charge in our central customer management at possible. VMware vSphere 5 can particularly convince with the following services:
- Full hardware virtualization
- Free choice of operating system within virtualization
- Virtual hardware available in the guest
Further information can be found on our website at
In addition, we recommend booking our "IP package" with the use of VMwpare vSphere, for an inexpensive € 10,00 per month, with which you immediately receive 10 usable IPv4 addresses and thus operate 10 VMs within VMware vSphere 5 without any problems can.

In the course of this year we will also be offering a preinstalled solution for Proxmox and thus the area of ​​virtualization solutions for our dedicated root servers from expand.

We look forward to your feedback and are happy to receive further suggestions for other virtualization solutions that you would like to use on your servers!

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