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CentOS 6.3 including cPanel now available!

We are happy to announce that we are now installing CentOS version 6.3. Of course, the popular administration tool cPanel is also available to you with this version. In the current version, CentOS, just like the Red Had model, includes numerous bug fixes, a comprehensive update of the system drivers and numerous improvements with regard to the creation and management of virtual machines.

In addition to improved scalability, which now allows up to 160 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and up to 2 TB of RAM to be assigned to a single guest, it is also possible to dynamically increase the number of assigned CPUs.
The p2v tool now enables existing systems to be converted into an image that can be used in a virtual machine.

A lot has also happened in terms of security. In addition to some changes in SELinux and SSSD support, some of which are still available as a technology preview, the SSH service now offers the option of using several authentication measures on one server. The popular syslog service Rsyslog is now also available in the current version 5.

The most important change in the standard packages is the change to OpenJDK 7 and Java 1.7 as well as the added support for the MySQL InnoDB plug-in for 64 bit systems


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