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50% discount on all vServer products from!

With the relaunch of the vServer cloud products in the new version 2.0, we are offering you a 50% discount on the monthly basic fee for the first 3 months. This discount applies regardless of the selected term and also for existing customers!

The new vServer Cloud 2.0 products are particularly impressive due to their significantly increased storage space. The basic configuration of the vServer S (from € 4,49 per month) already includes 100 GB of storage space, which can be expanded to up to 400 GB at any time using the cloud option in live operation. The XL version (from € 19,99 per month) of the product already includes 300 GB of storage space in the price.

In addition, the price difference between the Linux and Windows vServer was abolished. Both variants, including Plesk, are now available from a low 4,99 euros per month. In addition to a dedicated IPv4 address, this price also includes a complete / 64 IPv6 subnet. Administration takes place via the convenient PVA (Parallels Virtual Automation) web interface from Parallels, via which the vServer can be configured and managed at any time with a click of the mouse.

The vServer Cloud 2.0 is therefore ideally suited for the affordable entry into the world of your own server with full root or administrator rights. The resulting high flexibility in connection with simple administration using Plesk ( and PVA ( with a perfect price / performance ratio distinguishes our vServer Cloud 2.0 product range.

All vServer Cloud 2.0 servers are hosted on the most modern host systems from Supermicro ( with the latest Intel XEON E5 CPUs and high-availability Raid 5 hard disk systems. As a result, our vServers achieve optimal performance and high stability, which we underpin with a guaranteed availability of 99%.

Thanks to the cloud function, the performance of each vServer can be increased and reduced at any time and without failure. Here, a daily or monthly billing comes into play, which offers you optimal cost transparency and control.

Further details and extensive information on our new vServer Cloud 2.0 servers, which are also available with the new prepaid option, are available at


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