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NEW: Windows Server 2012 available for all dedicated root servers

We are happy to be able to offer you the latest server product from Microsoft for automatic installation on our dedicated root servers.

With Windows Server 2012 Microsoft is modernizing its advanced server operating system and offering standardized access for the management of any complex infrastructure.

Windows Server 2012 offers integrated services for the small private cloud or clustered public cloud services. Dynamic scalability allows you the highest possible flexibility, precisely tailored to your needs. With Windows Server 2012 you have

  • a complete virtualization platform
  • increased scalability and performance
  • integrated cloud services


Windows Server 2012 is designed as a multi-server platform and thus offers a cost-effective solution for the highest possible availability of your services in the cloud. You benefit from increased automation from improved management efficiency, virtualize entire workloads, your server takes over the work for you.

The user interface of Windows Server 2012 is based on the Metro interface introduced with Windows 8, which offers you perfect access from any device.

The security of your applications is even improved through central audit and access guidelines.

More information is available in the data sheet for Windows Server 2012 at:

Windows 2012 in the standard edition can now be ordered for every dedicated root server for a low monthly fee of € 19,99.

Existing customers can sign up for a change at any time with a ticket to or contact.

We wish you a lot of fun with the latest generation of operating systems from Microsoft!


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