Root server

HP DL380p Gen8 just arrived!

Our new HP DL380p Gen8 test server from HP reached us on today's bridging day!

We have been waiting for the good "piece" for several weeks and will now put it through its paces. Our goal is to create an exciting root server product with this very well equipped server (2 x E5-2620 CPUs, 128 GB RAM and up to 8 x 4.000 GB hard drives)!

We will carry out the first tests at the weekend, our technology is already very excited about the first results! We will report on the current status of the tests here and keep you up to date on whether and in what form an HP DL380p root server product can be expected from us soon!

Here are some first visual impressions of the new generation of the world's best-selling server:


20130531_183439 20130531_183512 20130531_18361720130531_184005


We wish you a relaxing weekend!

Your blog team from!

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  • Reply Fabian 31. May 2013 at 21: 58

    Not bad 😉
    Let's see what the good piece can do, and I hope you keep us up to date 😀

    • Reply Christoph 31. May 2013 at 22: 03

      Hello Fabian!

      Thanks for your feedback!

      We will definitely keep you up to date on the latest results here!


  • Reply tyler 1. June 2013 at 13: 46

    I hope there is an option for 10Gbps flat rate bandwidth!
    : )

    • Reply Christoph 1. June 2013 at 13: 55

      Hello Tyler!

      There will be a 10 GIGe option later, but no flat rate. Nobody will pay a price for a 10 GIGe flat rate, the price would be too expensive, at this time!


  • Reply tyler 6. June 2013 at 04: 03

    I am very excited to see the pricing for this offer! How soon until deployment?

    Also, a 10Gbps option with bandwidth packages would make sense. 100TB, 250TB, 750TB, etc. Would be good for those of us who need to burst, but not sustain the full 10Gbps 24/7.


    • Reply Christoph 6. June 2013 at 06: 42

      Hello Tyler,

      thanks for your feedback!

      We think about a 10 GIGe option at this time. Maybe this will come avaible with the launch of the product. We will keep you up to date here.


  • Reply Tyler 19. June 2013 at 17: 50

    How much longer until deployment of this new series? I'm ready to order today! 😀

    • Reply Christoph 19. June 2013 at 18: 02

      Hello Tyler,

      the tests have been successfull and we hope that the server are ready to order in about three weeks!


  • Reply Daniel 26. June 2013 at 07: 15

    Well, now the other servers just have to run stably without constant network breakdowns and the support has to become a little more competent.

  • Reply Niklas 6. July 2013 at 22: 10

    when are the servers available? Three weeks are almost over 🙂

    • Reply Christoph 7. July 2013 at 09: 23

      Good morning Niklas!

      We received the first shipment of DL380p Gen8 servers from HP this week. The servers are now prepared accordingly and installed in the racks. We assume that we will have completed the work in 10 days and that you can then order the servers via our website

      Greetings and have a nice Sunday!

  • Reply Niklas 8. July 2013 at 12: 50

    thanks for the quick reply also on Sunday * respect *.
    I'm looking forward to the new offers :).

  • Reply Tyler 10. July 2013 at 19: 30

    Any ideas on pricing?

    • Reply Christoph 10. July 2013 at 20: 39

      Hello Tyler,

      the monthly fee of the server will start below 200 € per month.


  • Reply Niklas 15. July 2013 at 06: 18

    will the servers be available this week?

    • Reply Christoph 15. July 2013 at 08: 52

      Good morning Niklas,

      we are currently waiting for another delivery from HP. For this reason we will not be able to start the offer this week. But we hope that it will work out in July.


  • Reply Niklas 22. July 2013 at 14: 40

    will there be anything else in July?

    • Reply Christoph 22. July 2013 at 19: 20

      Hello Niklas,

      the expected launch date will be August 01.08.2013st, XNUMX.


  • Reply Niklas 22. July 2013 at 21: 15

    Hi Christoph,
    thanks for the reply.
    Just what still interests me personally, how much do you always order from servers that come by truck: D?

    • Reply Christoph 22. July 2013 at 22: 28

      Hello Niklas,

      usually a few hundred servers that we get delivered in one fell swoop.


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