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Bigger, faster, better !!! - vServer Cloud 3.0

Good day dear reader of blogs

The year is drawing to a close and the team is pleased to sweeten the end of the year with another innovation.

VPS Cloud 3.0

Starting today, we offer you the new virtual server series "VPS Cloud 3.0" with excellent performance and aktuellster software namely. The new vServers Cloud 3.0 will be equipped with more cores, working and hard disk space and will also receive a software upgrade.

For the latter, we have thought of a special feature for you. From now on all VPS products free for both Linux can and Windows with the Admin Tool Plesk 11.5 - Unlimited Domains be ordered. This allows you to manage multiple domains at once.

The VPS cloud S 3.0 has from today two processor cores instead of the previous one core as well as over 2 GB instead of 1 GB RAM guaranteed. In addition, we also expand the disk space of the VDS southeast of 100GB 250 GB. This entire package is for 9,99 € / month without setup fees .

Those who want to save a little in the monthly fee, has the possibility to rent by selecting a longer maturity up to six months at half price vServer. Thus it is possible for you when you select a three-month maturity to get the VDS 3.0 in the first month at half price.

The largest, fastest and best vServer, the vServer Cloud XL 3.0 for 39,99 € / month, has 16 cores, 16 GB guaranteed RAM and 1.000 GB hard disk space. Furthermore, you can at for this vServers 4 .de domains register and use.

The vServer is guaranteed to be made available within 12 hours in the company's own data center myLoc managed IT AG in Düsseldorf. The data center has an external connection of more than 170 GBit, a multiple redundant power supply and a highly efficient cooling system, which contributes significantly to saving CO2 emissions.

Other features of the vServer Cloud 3.0, which are included in all monthly prices, are the firewall configuration to secure the infrastructure of the vServer, the reboot manager, the backup function for automatic or manual backup of the data, the monitoring for monitoring all functions who have favourited Reverse DNS & Failover IP functions.

There is either the most current operating systems CentOS 6 and Debian 7.0, openSUSE 12.3, Ubuntu 12.04 or Windows Standard 2008 R2 SP1 for VDS.

For more information and new features found at

We wish you much fun and success with our new VPS Cloud 3.0

Your blog team from

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  • Reply Tomasz Motylevski 20. December 2013 at 21: 10

    If existing vServer Linux S automatically converted into 3.0 VPS cloud S? When not, how can I migrate?


    • Reply Christoph 24. December 2013 at 11: 45

      Hello Thomasz,

      this does not happen automatically. In terms of conversion you can under you feel free to contact our support.

      Greetings and Merry Christmas!

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