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After we introduced you to the new HP Professional 3.0 servers in January, two more new dedicated servers are now being launched. is now offering the Supermicro XEON E3 and Supermicro XEON E5 servers!

Even the Supermicro XEON E3 servers, which are available in the S, M and L versions, are characterized by their strong performance at the best price!

We offer you the Supermicro E3 S server for € 59,99 per month with a monthly contract and no setup fee.

For this price you get a dedicated server from Supermicro, which is equipped with the latest Intel XEON Haswell E3-1270v3 CPU (4 x 3,5 GHz incl.HT), 16 GB ECC-RAM and optionally 2 x 1.000 GB SATA (7.200 rpm - Enterprise) or 2 x 100 GB SSD (94.000 IOPS) hard drives.

In addition, you have the option of expanding the hard drive capacity up to 2 x 4.000 GB (7.200 rpm - Enterprise) SATA or 2 x 1.000 GB SSD (94.000 IOPS) at any time.

If the performance of the dedicated Supermicro XEON E3 server is not enough for you, we recommend the Supermicro XEON E5 server series.

Like the Supermicro XEON E3 servers, the Supermicro XEON E5 servers in the S, M and L versions are now available from

The Supermicro E5 server series includes the latest Intel XEON E5-1650v2 CPU with 6 x 3,5 GHz including Hyper-Threading, up to 128 GB ECC-RAM and optionally 2 x 1.000 GB SATA or 2 x 100 GB SSD. With this series of servers, also enables customers to expand their hard drive capacity to up to 2 x 4.000 GB SATA (7.200 rpm - Enterprise) or 2 x 1.000 GB SSD (94.000 IOPS). The Supermicro XEON E5 servers are available from € 99,99 per month with a monthly contract period and no setup fee.

The following premium features are further special features of the new product series:

  • Flexible configuration of all server components
  • 80+ Platinum power supplies
  • Full remote management (IPMI)
  • Tier III + data center in Germany
  • 1.000 MBit full flat rate
  • Guaranteed network availability of 99,9%
  • 24-7 customer support offers you an optimal product at the best price for both beginners and companies.

You would like to know which features the new Supermicro XEON E3 and E5 servers, which are also available with the new operating systems CentOS 6, Debian 7 (Wheezy), openSUSE 13.1, Ubuntu 12.04, vSphere 5.5.0 or Windows Server 2012 SE with Plesk 11.5 Are available, still have?

Then visit us and learn more!

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