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Beta phase - automatic backup and restore system

Good day,

We are pleased to start a public beta phase of a new feature for your dedicated server with immediate effect - an automatic backup and restore system.

With little setup work on your server, backups can be managed safely and conveniently. It is based on the Amanda Network Backup system, a professional backup solution that has also proven itself in the enterprise environment.

This gives you the option of creating a full or incremental backup at any time for both Dedicated Supermicro Servers and Dedicated HP Professional Servers from the third generation. For the beginning there is 50 GB of space available per system, which can of course be expanded. Please contact the
Support, if you want to use the new system immediately.

If the worst comes to the worst, you have direct access to your backups from your server, you can easily restore individual files or entire directories, or initiate the restore of a specific backup after a total failure.

The data is stored on our internal storage cluster. These are securely protected from unauthorized access via GnuPG with an individual key - decryption is only possible from your server. For a possible full restore, the key is kept safe with us - and separately from the actual backups.

The system will shortly also be usable for all other dedicated servers - old HP professional servers as well as economy servers and enterprise servers.

You can also get information about Amanda directly at

We wish you a lot of fun with the new backup system.

Your team of

Amanda backup

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  • Reply Sascha Brutscher 30. April 2014 at 12: 15

    It's a very interesting thing. Backing up OpenSuse is such a double-edged sword. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I very much hope that this backup system will do its job to the full.

    It would be interesting whether the backup files can also be compressed before they are put on the backup space.

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