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New: First level of DDoS protection active!


Good news from the machine room: is launching the first level of DDoS protection for dedicated and virtual servers.

Our DDoS protection detects attacks on your servers, analyzes the data traffic and a cluster of filter systems then "cleans" the data traffic, which is then forwarded to the server.

However, in the first stage, DDoS protection can only filter attacks up to a certain size; Particularly large attacks can still lead to the attacked IP address being blocked.

If the system detects an attack, you will immediately receive an email with the information that an attack has been detected and of course which IP address has been hit.

The system then starts filtering the traffic; At the end of the attack, you will then receive another email that contains more detailed information and, among other things, an extract of the detected data traffic.

But this is only the first level of our DDoS protection. In the next few months we will continue to develop our systems in order to be able to intercept larger attacks. We'll keep you up to date at this point too.

Your team of

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  • Reply Dave 31. October 2014 at 15: 40

    "However, in the first stage, DDoS protection can only filter attacks up to a certain size"

    A few numbers of Gbps / PPS wouldn't be bad, how much bandwidth / packets per second is your setup capable of filtering? But it's great that a ZERO route is no longer triggered with every Script Kiddie Flood.

    • Reply Christoph 3. November 2014 at 06: 29

      Good morning dave,

      In phase 1 of our DDoS protection, we can filter up to half a million packets / sec. If larger attacks were to be made on a server, the attacked IP address would continue to be routed to zero.


  • Reply Pascal 2. November 2014 at 11: 24

    Very nice, big compliments to the team 🙂

  • Reply Michael 2. November 2014 at 20: 23

    Cool thing! You also jump on the train to 🙂

  • Reply Danny 3. November 2014 at 20: 47

    Great that helps us a lot against attacks. 😉

    Greetings: Loyal customer for years.

  • Reply Roland 12. November 2014 at 14: 36

    Super - great thing!
    Great praise and keep it up!
    Kind regards - Satisfied customer

  • Reply Call 8. June 2016 at 23: 51

    To what extent does the DDos protection work.
    I currently have the problem that if an attack occurs and the filtering starts, my servers that are running on root go offline.
    Is that the same with you?

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