Alternative cloud services in Germany says: “Get out of the US clouds. - Germans are second class internet users for Trump. "

US President Donald Trump questions data protection for foreigners. The computer magazine c't therefore advises that data should only be saved with providers with European servers.

“In terms of data protection, Germans have been second-class internet users in the USA since January 25th. Because US President Donald Trump declared by decree in January to exclude non-US citizens from US data protection law or at least to limit their rights in this regard, "as far as this is compatible with applicable law". "- Source:

With our Public cloud products we meet exactly these requirements of our customers. With Cloud Storage you can conveniently store and save your documents and files in the cloud. The principle is comparable to well-known solutions like Dropbox or Google Docs. The difference? Your data is securely stored and stored in our own ISO certified data centers in Germany. Whether smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac for our cloud storage, clients for Windows & Mac as well as apps for iOS and Android are available. Test our cloud storage with 10 GB of storage space for free.

Data security and data backup are necessary issues that every company that goes into the cloud has to deal with. So it was a central topic for us when designing our cloud portfolio. Based on Acronis Backup, we present our Cloud backup product as SaaS. The backup infrastructure is hosted in our data center in Düsseldorf. The management nodes and the storage behind them are operated exclusively in Germany and by our own staff. The data transmission as well as the data are encrypted according to the industrial standard AES-256.

Do not hesitate any longer and keep your data safe! Click here for German Cloud.

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