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Why are backups important and how do I protect myself from possible data loss?

Each of us knows his everyday life very well, but sometimes a daily routine is disrupted by special events. One wrong move and the morning cup of coffee lands on our beloved laptop and damages the computer, which can lead to the loss of all the stored files such as documents and photos. Something similar can happen with servers, not with coffee, but with hard drives that simply give up your ghost in the course of their lifetime. Here, too, the data can be irrevocably lost. But how can I protect myself from such data loss? This is where the backup comes into play, which ensures that you always have a current backup of your laptop, PC or server at hand and that you can import it onto a repaired or new system without major problems.

In cooperation with Acronis, one of the leading backup software manufacturers, we have a suitable solution for you to protect yourself against such data loss. With the Cloud backup workstation Product you can comfortably and easily equip your computer with extensive backup software. You can create your backup plans in a simple web interface and back up the entire system at any time. You can also choose different destinations for storing your data in the web interface. For servers we offer you the Cloud backup server Products. Here you can protect your servers from data loss just as easily as the workstations. You can test both products in the smallest version for 30 days free of charge!

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