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More performance for your Windows vServer! More RAM for the same price!

We are pleased that we can inform you today about the innovation of our bestsellers in the vServer Windows area. From now on you can get even more performance at the same price because the vServer Windows S and vServer Windows M received a RAM upgrade.

So that your cheap vServer runs stable and high-performance with Windows, you can now benefit from additional RAM in our smallest vServer Windows products. The Windows S 6.0 vServer can be ordered with 4 GB RAM at the same price as before (€ 9,99 per month). The Windows M 6.0 vServer receives an upgrade to 6 GB RAM at € 14,99 per month.

The Windows vServers as full virtualization offer you the opportunity to act within Windows in a fully virtualized environment and to be able to implement your projects even better. You also get the well-known Plesk admin tool - and it's free!

If you are already a customer, our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Further information and details can be found at www.webtropia.com

Your team from webtropia.com

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