vserver offer 2018
Virtual server cloud

Rent vServer now even cheaper.

We are very pleased that we can offer you our VPS with reduced prices and increased performance.

Our Windows vServer S 6.0 get an additional vCore to increase the performance of the server. The server not only receives increased performance, but also a price reduction to € 8,99 / month

Our affordable virtual servers are ideal for starting out on the web and for beginners in web life. You can order the popular Plesk admin tool in the Web Admin Edition for your vServer free of charge to manage up to 10 domains and easily create your website with the Plesk WordPress Toolkit. WordPress is the most popular program for website design and impresses above all with its ease of use.

Not only the Windows vServers have been reduced in price, vServers with Linux operating systems can now be rented even more cheaply. So you can get started on the web for as little as € 3,99 per month. Of course, you also have the option of having Plesk preinstalled as an administration tool for your virtual server free of charge.

More details and extensive information on the VPS are available under the following links:



We wish you a lot of fun with our vServers!

Your team from webtropia.com

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