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Server of the Month - Kaby Lake Server

Today we would like to introduce you to our "Server of the Month". With this promotion we would like to offer a new product every month at a special price. You can secure advantageous prices permanently! At the start of this promotion, we are offering ours in January Kaby Lake Servers at. Here are a few hard facts about our Kaby Lake server:

1A single core performance!

The built-in Intel i7-7700K has a core clock of 4,2 GHz or 4,5 GHz with turbo for a bit more extra performance, which can be seen on 8 cores!

Expandable RAM volume

32 GB DDR4 RAM are installed in advance in the server, an expansion to 64 GB can be configured with ease and can of course be fully utilized by the CPU.

Flexible hard drive selection!

Our range of hard drives is completely modular and you can choose your own. Furthermore, two hard drives are included in the price, 1.000GB HDD or 120GB SSD are available. Whether it should be 1.000GB HDD + 120GB SSD or two 120GB SSD or two 1.000 GB HDD is entirely up to you. For the speed stars among you, we also offer NVMe modules which, compared to conventional hard drives, have an almost sinfully fast speed.

GBits and flat rates

Traffic flat rate and a connection of 1.000 Mbit ensure a seamless, fast and stable connection to the Internet. 

Sneak peak Windows Server 2019

You can now order the new Windows Server 2019 for all dedicated servers from for € 24,99 / month. More on that in a future post!

What does it cost me?

Instead of € 64,99, now only € 34,99 per month (with a monthly term and Linux operating system, plus € 24,99 for Windows) if you order by 01.02.2019/0/XNUMX! As usual, we of course charge € XNUMX setup fees. Our offer is valid immediately and only while stocks last!

Our action is to be found at the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Your team from

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