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Server of the month - Devil's Canyon

It's February and as promised in the last blog post, there's a server of the month candidate this month too. Today we dedicate ourselves to the Devils Canyon, also from the think tank of Intel, which is offered at the attractive price of 34,99 € / month and that permanently! Here are a few hard facts about our devil in the valley:

The built-in i7-4790K from the Haswell series scores with strong single-core performance. A considerable GHz number of 4,4 (including Hyper-Threading) can be achieved per core and ensures lightning-fast data processing.


With the provision of the server, 32GB RAM are pre-installed in the system. These can be fully utilized by the processor.

Individually adaptable hard disk configuration

Hard drive tastes are usually shared and no one likes to see inflexible standard setups. Volume> speed? Here you make the choice! Be it 2 x 100GB SSD, 1 x 100GB SSD + 1 x 1.000GB HDD or 2 x 1.000GB HDD, everything can be customized during the ordering process. Extensions to up to 4 x 6.000GB HDD + 2 x 960GB SSD are possible or the full SSD load and 6 x 960GB can be installed. The decision is entirely yours!


Like all of our dedicated servers, our Devils Canyon has a 1.000MBit / s connection and a flat rate of traffic.

30 days money back guarantee

Bombastic news for webtropia customers. We are introducing a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our server of the month is the ideal opportunity to get started in the server world. Doesn't fit Simply return!

What does it cost me?

Now for € 34,99 per month (with monthly term and Linux OS, for Windows Server plus € 24,99) permanently, if you access until 28.02.2019/0/XNUMX! Here, too, there are again XNUMX € setup fees. The offer is valid immediately and only while stocks last, so grab it fast!

You can find our campaign under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or simply use our Contact form.


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