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The new WordPress servers on webtropia.com

As promised in our newsletter, we will add a new product to our portfolio at the beginning of the year. Today we want you to have ours WordPress Server & Hosting imagine a compact function server for your website.

Comfortable interface thanks to Plesk

In order to enable you to develop or design your website easily and directly, we will install a web interface for you, which will lead you step by step to your own website. Here we rely on the popular Plesk web interface. With the Plesk Web Pro Edition and a Welcome Guide, you can design your own website with just a few clicks.

Virtual Machine WordPress Server

Do you have to think about whether a WordPress server is right for you? No problem! We offer a starter package at an attractive price of € 9,99 per month for the first three months. In terms of performance, 4 vCores are available, 8GB RAM and 300GB SSD storage for fast data transfer. A connection of 1.000MBit / s is created in the network area. 

On the software front, we install Debian, a welcome extension and of course the WordPress Toolkit. In addition, we offer you modular extensions with SEO Toolkit, Boldgrid Editor, lumify AV and Speed ​​Kit. There is no limit to the number of times that email accounts can be created. Finally, a MySQL database, SSL certificate, .de domain and server-side AV / spam protection are included.

Not enough for you We also have a basic package with twice the performance, two .de domains and an SEO toolkit! This will only cost you € 14,99 per month for the first three months.

Dedicated WordPress server

Similar to the virtual WordPress servers, the Premium and Enterprise WordPress servers are preconfigured with everything the VMs have and more. The main difference here is that the dedicated WordPress servers also have dedicated hardware.

How much freedom do I have? AMD Ryzen Pro 1700X with 8 x 3,4GHz or Intel i7-4790k with 4 x 4,0GHz performance, the decision is entirely yours. You can choose which processor should handle your project. 32GB RAM are built in. You can choose between 2x 240GB SSD or 2x 2.000GB HDD, plus optional expansion with 2x 480GB SSD.

All other features such as pre-installed tools can be found under the following link: https://www.webtropia.com/

What does it cost me?

The virtual servers start at € 9,99 per month in the first three months. For the dedicated ones, this is € 29,99 per month for the first three months.

If you have questions we are at your disposal.


Your team from webtropia.com

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