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Server of the Month - Ryzen Pro Server

We are getting closer to the end of the second month and right on time there are again coveted promotions on Today we dedicate ourselves to the Ryzen Pro Server from AMD, which is offered at an attractive price of 39,99 € / month and that permanently! In the further process: Hard facts about the ascended champion.

The built-in AMD Ryzen Pro 1700X, based on the ZEN architecture, impresses with an incredible 16 virtual cores. The Ryzen works with a 3,4GHz clock rate per core and ensures unparalleled parallelism and data processing with the sheer number of cores.


With the provision of the server, 32GB RAM come pre-installed in the system. These can be fully used by the processor. For all of you who need more RAM, there is the possibility to easily expand it to 64GB RAM.

Hard drives to your liking

In the old manner, we of course continue to offer customer-definable configurations in the hard disk area. You then make the tricky decision again: speed or quantity? We cover both directions with our offer. Therefore, the Ryzen Pro Server comes in two preconfigurations. Especially since there is the HDD approach with 2 x 1.000GB storage or the fast SSD approach with 2 x 120GB storage. If that's not enough, there are three more unoccupied slots. This means that extensions such as 2 x 6.000GB HDD + 1 SSD or 3 x 960GB SSD are possible. 


Like all of our dedicated servers, our Ryzen Pro server has a 1.000MBit / s connection and a traffic flat rate.

What will it cost?

Now for 39,99 € per month (with monthly term and Linux OS, for Windows Server plus 24,99 €) permanently, if you access until April 01.04.2019st, 0! Here, too, there are again XNUMX € setup fees. The offer is valid immediately and only while stocks last, so grab it fast!

You can find our campaign under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our contact form.


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