New generation of VPS

The new generation of VPS is here - secure your new VPS now!

In keeping with the beautiful weather, there are again innovations at Today we are therefore looking at all the features and changes regarding our new vServer products. You can get your new one Secure your virtual server for as little as € 2,49 per month!

New virtualization technology from Virtuozzo

Not only the software has been renewed, but also the host systems, i.e. the heart of our vServer containers or virtual machines. still relies on the branded hardware of our long-term partner HPE. The host systems are designed redundantly and are operated together with SSD caching. This results in a significant increase in the speed of data transfer. In addition, the security of your data is our top priority. Therefore, all storage units are linked in a RAID 10 network and have hot spare hard disks that jump in immediately in an emergency. The hypervisor has changed too. We are now using Virtuozzo 7 exclusively for all Linux vServer containers / VMs, as well as Windows VMs.

Do you need performance on demand?

Then our new VPS are the ideal system for your ventures! Be it vCores, RAM or storage space, with the ZKM from you can easily, conveniently and modularly adjust your parameters. You have a contingent of options to customize your personalized vServer according to your wishes. In this context, we also offer day-based upgrades for a quick performance fix!

Did someone say "free backup" ?!

Yes, indeed, a free backup is available for all VPS from Windows S VM to Linux XL Container. In addition to the redundant host system in a RAID 10 network, we offer a second layer of security for your vServer. This ensures that you always have a convenient backup for your critical data, without the involvement of our technical department. This allows you to freely decide when a snapshot is due or not.

Anything but lean!

In addition to all the new "Quality of Life Changes" that make your workflow more convenient and flexible, we add at least one .de domain to every vServer on - included in the price! Ideal for everyone who wants to create their own website with a German domain ending. No extra order, easy and included immediately after your purchase. So get hold of and secure your new generation VPS with a German domain on!

New operating systems in the Linux and Windows segment

Apart from the advantageous innovations in the technical and hypervisor area, we also offer the latest server software from Microsoft. Windows Server 2019 is available to you as an installation option. Of course we remain flexible in our operating system design and offer the latest Debian (9.0) and Ubuntu (18.04) versions! Debian 10 will also be available for our Linux vServer containers and virtual machines after the release.

cPanel now available for Linux vServer!

Many administrators prefer cPanel over any other admin tool, which is why we now also offer this for our Linux vServer. So that you know what cPanel can do, we have created an extra page with all the highlights for you. You can find these under the following Link.

Order your new VPS now at

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to, use our contact form very comfortably or contact our support via ticket.


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