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Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud - New clouds on the horizon

Summer has calmed down, internal body temperature overheats and everyone is enjoying the mild weather. With the mild weather, clouds came in, but not gray, wet clouds, but clouds. Wait a minute ... it's the same word in English, isn't it? Yes and no, because the team has joined forces with Acronis - one of the world's leading cloud providers - to develop a new range of products. We would like to introduce this product to you in this blog, so hold onto it.

Cloud products? Something like that already existed!

Some loyal readers and fans among you will have noticed that has offered cloud products in the past. Underneath Cloud backup workstation, Cloud backup server and cloud storage. We have largely adopted these, improved them and added further products with similar character traits. Only the name "Cloud Storage" became "Files cloud". The idea was to offer you more alternatives that fit more with what you want to do. Including Cloud Backup VM, which allows you to back up your virtual instances or your host system.

What's new?

The original three backup solutions are now eight. So five new cloud backup products for you. New at Cloud backup VM, Office 365 backup, Mobile backup, Website Backup and Cloud backup admin tool. Now many ask themselves the question: why order such a product? First of all, we agree that information is one of the most important resources. What can be done to protect such important information from data loss? A backup! And if the backup is also easy to use, there are opportunities for convenient data backup.

Features please?

Pardon, of course we don't want to withhold the features from you. As usual, we would like to share the most important features with you in this segment. In the course of ever-increasing infrastructures, including for home use, we - the team from and Acronis - wanted to take the aspect of scalability out of the equation. Therefore, every cloud backup product now comes with unlimited storage space! This means you don't have to worry about missing space for a backup when upgrading your servers or expanding your shops and projects. Of course, the data from the backup cloud and the files cloud will continue to be hosted in our own data centers in Düsseldorf. So you can be sure at all times where your data is stored. If you insist on further security measures, you can protect your data locally with AES-256 bit encryption. The data that is stored in our cloud can also be secured with this encryption method if necessary.

Now to the user interface. It's always a delicate subject. So we made the best possible effort to make the interface intuitive but at the same time multifaceted. That means: Creating a simple backup is done with just a few clicks. In addition, you can make other settings such as notifications when a backup is pending or finished. The features mentioned apply to all cloud products on

The myCybercloud

A brief explanation of our new user interface, which makes it even easier to use. We - together with Acronis - thought: What do users need nowadays? We came to the conclusion that you need a mixture of extensive functionality and ease of use. And that is exactly what myCybercloud offers. You can upload your first backup with just a few clicks and you don't need any great knowledge of data protection. But it doesn't stop there. Then a wide range of setting options opens up with which you can further customize your backup experience. Most of the installation links for the backup software are also available to you via the Cybercloud. Do you have more than one backup for different server types? All devices - regardless of what type - are displayed together on the Cybercloud main page. In other words, a menu to subjugate them, to find them all and to bind them forever. “Unfortunately” Sauron never managed to be united with the Ring of Power, but our cybercloud with its backups did.

Here's a little foretaste of some of our new cloud backup products:

Mobile backup

With the Mobile backup you can easily secure your smartphone. All that is required is the installation of an app and you are ready to go. Android (5.0 or higher) and iOS (10.0 or higher) are supported. You can back up one cell phone each and have an archive with several restore points that you can call up if necessary.

VM backup

Have you ever received automated emails? Definitely not written by humans. Why? Because it is easier to convert a VM / container to an email distributor. But also important activities such as maintenance work, changes to the contract and much more can be taken over by such virtual entities. The more these are used in a business or private sense and the more they take on the corresponding responsibilities, the more important it is to protect against data loss. With the Cloud backup VM you can secure your virtual machines or containers. Is that all? Well, that's definitely a big deal, but if that's not enough for you. In addition to the individual instances, you can also secure the entire host system infrastructure. Provided your hypervisor is one of the following: Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, or ESXi.

What are you waiting for? Grab the backup you need and stop worrying about data and its loss.

You can find our campaign under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our contact form.


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