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CentOS 8 for VMs and containers!

RedHat released a new version of the reliable Linux distribution CentOS last year. Some of you know that it is not easy to implement a brand new operating system in an existing IT environment. Webtropia.com has now successfully integrated the new operating system into their vServer infrastructure. From now on you can order your VMs and containers with CentOS 8 and select the installation option on existing vServers.

Features worth knowing about CentOS 8

The new version of CentOS is based on an older kernel version, 4.18. However, CentOS is not known to be the newest and most innovative operating system. Stability and security are the keywords here. The distribution is leaning more towards system stability, which is essential for a wide range of applications. The Package Manager has also been upgraded. Yum now becomes DNF (Dandified yum), but don't worry, all terminal commands are still the same but with faster performance, so win-win.

A little digression for developers: You get Git 2.18, Mercurial 4.8 and Apache in Subversion 1.10 as a kit for your IDE. The standard version for Python is now 3.6, which is not installed automatically if an older or newer version is required. Support for Python 2.7 is limited, so be careful if your system is based on older Python versions.

It is now getting exciting for “e-commerce”. Database software is the backbone of every online store. From the assortment to invoices and order receipts are managed in databases. Any preference for database software is included with CentOS 8: MariaDB 10.3, MySQL 8.0, PostgresSQL 10, PostgresSQL 9.6 and Redis 5. Also included are Apache http Server 2.4 and nginx 1.14.

To all server admins, one more important detail: iptables have been replaced by nftables. The firewall daemon now uses nftables as the default backend. The settings you made previously with iptables should mostly remain the same.

Tip from our VZ department: check your nftables carefully again. Standard syntax of the nftables are different from iptables.

We hope that with this post we were able to give you a little insight into the new CentOS 8. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to info@webtropia.com or use our conveniently Contact form.


Your team from webtropia.com

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