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The team would like to introduce you to our new generation of root servers in today's blog post: The 3rd generation root servers.

More dedicated storage

As you know, there is Root server from a combination of dedicated hard drives and virtual resources in the form of RAM and vCores. The main attraction of a root server is the physical hard disk, which provides large storage capacities. The little brother - vServer - usually lacks the capacity mentioned and is less suitable than the root server for some applications. A good example of this would be web projects with a high dependency on fast data access, specifically online shops or archives. With the 3rd generation, we have increased the storage capacity in the HDD area from 1.000 GB to 2.000 GB and increased the optional alternative of the SSD to 960 GB SSD. Rent the new 3rd Gen Root Server from and expand your capacities with the best of both worlds, virtual and physical.

Admin tools, operating systems and .de domains?

Of course, we would also like to offer the latest operating systems with the latest generation. Under the Linux branch, we offer CentOS, Debian, openSUSE and Ubuntu in the latest versions in our OS repository. Even if you have selected a less optimal operating system for your applications when ordering, there is always the chance to change it later in your customer interface, free of charge of course. For the Windows family, we have brought in the latest addition in the form of Windows Server 2019. In addition, the team at also offers you Windows Server 2016 for your root server. Do you need something to maintain and manage your server? For exactly this case we have cPanel and Plesk Obsidian in our portfolio. Both software applications help you to keep your server up to date and offer you useful options to set up backups, restarts or mail servers, for example. There are also certificate managers, which are particularly important for online shops that work with SSL. Since we're on the subject of online shops, every shop needs a domain, so why not get one for free? Rent one Root server of the 3rd generation and you will receive a free .de domain and can start your web project immediately, without additional expenses.

What else is there?

For those who do not know our root server, here are the most important features: In terms of network technology, 1.000 Mbit / s are given with a guaranteed network connection of 200 Mbit / s. Each root server receives an IP from our pool upon purchase. Additional IPs can be bought at any time in the customer interface.

Rent your root server from 19,99 € per month - with a monthly term - and start your web project now! Here, as in all fashion, 0 € setup fees apply. The 3rd generation root servers are available now.

You can find our root server under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our contact form.


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