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Greetings dear blog readers! Today again with attractive offers in the luggage. Many of you do not use our Acronis Cloud products. The team would like to give you a taste of our Acronis products. How about a 50% discount on the first month for any cloud backup product? Sounds great. The team would like to give you a cheap and easy insight into the Acronis products.

A brief overview of the clouds

Our portfolio for cloud backup products focuses on a specific type of infrastructure, e.g. backup for mobile devices, servers, workstations, etc.

Do you have a workstation that you work with regularly and permanently ?! Accordingly, a lot of data accumulates over time and this would like to be protected against data loss. At this point, the user has two options:

  1. Connect an external storage device and physically back up the files.
  2. Rent another server and configure it as a file server.


3. Protect your data with the cloud backup workstation solution from

With our Acronis Cloud Backup solution, you don't need a separate server or physical disk. Everything runs through a user interface that you can access from anywhere.

In addition to the backup solution for workstations, we also offer this for servers, among other things. It is not possible to attach an external memory to servers that are housed in data centers.

Many servers are used for sensitive data and can thus become a livelihood for users, including online shops or databases. In order not to endanger this livelihood, you can use the cloud backup server product to create automatic backups hourly, daily, weekly and monthly with a simple user interface. Never lose your data again and save it in the Acronis Backup infrastructure at Of course we also have a cloud backup workstation other products for the respective infrastructures.


Including a discount, you can save your Cloud Backup Workstation from € 2,49 per month (for the first month)! How does this work? Simple: with the discount code webtropia-cloud-50-2020 which is valid for all cloud backup products and files cloud products, you can secure your Acronis cloud product cheaply. The code must be entered when ordering in the store and voila the discount is on! The offer is valid immediately.

You can find our campaign under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our contact form.


Your team from

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