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New VPS Server caliber on!

Hello dear readers, we warmly welcome you to our latest blog post - today with the topic of VPS. One of the most popular server variants and popular with users for mail servers, PHP applications, backups, etc. always had a large selection of different server sizes and this feature is being expanded. With the two latest additions in the form of vServer Linux XS and XXL you have even more choice in your virtual design. The two new additions are now available for you on!

What do the new VPS look like?

The smallest in the bundle - the XS - is ideal for smaller applications. With 1 vCore and 1 GB RAM and that for an unbeatable price of 1,99 € per month as container virtualization. In addition to the attractive price, you also receive a .de domain for free, ideal for getting started with a smaller website right away. Of course, you still get all the benefits as usual. This includes snapshot backup, vSwap if your server should exceed the RAM restrictions and VNC for a remote connection to the vServer. On the other hand there is the Linux XXL vServer and this is a big toy. With a whopping 10 vCores and 32 GB RAM, there is enough power to easily implement larger projects. In addition, a whopping 750 GB hard disk space is included, which enables a fast access rate thanks to SSD boost. Get one of the new VPS on now!

Software for the VPS

The vServers work on Linux level and have quite a few choices for you administrators out there. The portfolio includes CentOS, Debian, openSUSE and of course Ubuntu. Fedora is only offered for VMs. Of course, a server would not be a real server without an administration tool and we have taken care of that. You have the choice between Plesk Obsidian and cPanel. Plesk is a very beginner-friendly administration tool for your first server, but veterans will also benefit from the program a lot. In addition to the standard functions, you also have the option of adding additional functions with plugins. cPanel behaves similarly to Plesk with the exception that the design is different and some plugins are each exclusive to the respective admin tools. Here you can learn more about the two management tools.

Where are we priced?

You can get the Linux XS VPS from 1,99 € per month and the XXL from 19,99 € per month. Of course, there are no setup fees and you only pay the price for the server with a monthly term. 

You can find our new servers under the following link:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our contact form.

Thank you for your attention, stay healthy and best regards

Your team from

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