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Virtual Dedicated Server - More performance for the same price.

Dear readers, we warmly welcome you to our latest blog post. As usual, today there is information fresh from the webtropia.com blast furnace of creations. With today's post we are devoting ourselves to the partially virtualized server product - the Virtual Dedicated Servers or VD Server for short. As you know - or maybe not yet - our VD servers are a mixture of dedicated servers and virtual servers.

In a nutshell: what exactly are virtual dedicated servers?

As mentioned above, VD servers are a mixture of dedicated and virtual servers. The system level is based on the vServer side, i.e. the server is on a host system and uses cores and RAM there. Furthermore, the Virtual Dedicated Servers are VMs and not containers. Now to the decisive factor that sets a VD Server apart from the VPS: Our Virtual Dedicated Servers are provided with dedicated hard drives as SSD or HDD versions. This way you get your own dedicated memory, which you don't have to share with other users.

VD Server X2 - what does that mean?

Now that we have repeated the explanation in a short text, we come to the actual topic of today's article. Our virtual dedicated servers are very popular with our customers. We have carried out a "small" cosmetic adjustment to our VD Server products for you. This upgrade primarily includes the vCore design and looks as follows: Currently, the grading VD Server S, M, L and XL with the number of vCores is - proportionally - ascending 2, 4, 6 and 8. As the heading already suggests, has doubled a bit here and yes it is the vCores.

The new vCore distribution for the Virtual Dedicated Server looks like this: 4, 8, 12 and 16. In addition, the working memory of the VD Server S increases from 8 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM. Now you're probably wondering: what's the catch? More costs? Less features? Absolutely no requirement. As already mentioned, we want to meet the demand and offer more than before and accordingly we are absolutely not changing the price! You can still order the latest tools and operating systems and benefit from these adjustments. Have a look at our comparison page for Virtual Dedicated Servers and see for yourself.

What do you pay there?

You can secure your VD Server with 4 vCores, 16 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD or 960 GB SSD for as little as € 19,99 per month (with a monthly term and Linux OS, for Windows Server plus € 10,00) . Of course, there are no setup fees here and you only pay the server price, even in the first month.

You can find our new servers under the following link: https://www.webtropia.com/root-server.html

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to info@webtropia.com or use our contact form.

Many greetings, your team at webtropia.com

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