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The BigBlueButton campaign

The global situation remains difficult and the debate over distance or face-to-face teaching continues to create friction. A key aspect of this disagreement is the lack of infrastructure in many schools in Germany to make distance learning possible at all. A pre-configured server package comes in handy. We would like to support schools in particular with a server + software package developed by us. Have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and learn more about our BBB server and the promotion as we go along.

What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton (BBB) ​​is an open source distance learning software from the company of the same name BigBlueButton Inc. Equipped with extensive tools for the dynamic design of virtual classrooms, this software offers the ideal basis for teachers and students at the same time. In addition, data security is underpinned by official German institutions and data protection officers. Still not sure? Then take a look at ours BigBlueButton side stop by and learn more about this tool.

The BigBlueButton Server

To get a better picture of this package, we will go into more detail on the specs and features. As the core of the BigBlueButton Server, we decided on the powerful and universally applicable Intel i7-4790K with 4 x 4,0 GHz. The server is equipped with 32 GB of RAM. As you would expect from servers, you can configure the hard drive with HDDs or SSDs. There is a choice of 2 x 120 GB SSDs or 2 x 1.000 GB HDDs. As the operating system, Ubuntu is already preinstalled as a suitable distribution for BigBlueButton. In addition, BigBlueButton is pre-installed for you.

Promotion for schools

To make the entry into distance learning as easy and inexpensive as possible, we are offering a special campaign for schools. When ordering, teachers can enter the educational institution in which they are teaching in the "Company" field and thus receive the first month for the BBB server free of charge. With this offer we would like to direct the attention more in the direction of "successful distance learning" and provide the necessary basis for this without financial burdens.

What does the server cost?

After the first free month, the BigBlueButton Server costs € 49,99 per month. There are no setup fees and the pre-installation of Ubuntu and BigBlueButton are included in the price. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write an email - with your questions - to or use our conveniently Contact form.


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