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AMD vulnerability

You know we attach great importance to IT security and also to the security of your infrastructure. Vulnerability information has been released for AMD Epyc servers. Among the affected models are the Epyc 7001 (Naples), Epyc 7002 (Rome) and Epyc 7003 (Milan).

In the further course you will receive the most important information about the security gaps and what to do about them.

What gaps were found?

According to AMD, the Platform Security Processor (PSP) and the System Management Unit (SMU) are mainly affected. Of the 22 existing gaps, 18 have already been closed by the new update and four are still outstanding. As soon as there is new information about the status of the remaining breaches, you will be notified immediately. A summary of all security vulnerabilities can be found here on the official AMD website

How critical are these loopholes?

Of the 22 vulnerabilities found, four are rated as having a high degree of severity. There is no critical risk to systems as most security vulnerabilities require physical access to the hardware. Nevertheless, it is recommended to carry out an update to be on the safe side. An update is strongly recommended on servers with virtualization environments. If help is required with flashing the BIOS, our technicians can take care of this during maintenance.

How can I flash the BIOS?

Of course, you can also flash your systems yourself. HPE has provided instructions for this. All resources can be found under the following link: Updates on the gaps and a more detailed description can also be found on this page. Should you still need help with the implementation, you can contact us at any time by ticket via the ZKM, our technicians will be happy to help. 

Why security vulnerabilities should be fixed

It can happen from time to time that weak points are uncovered in the course of an update cycle. To prevent systems from being compromised, these vulnerabilities should be closed as soon as possible. Two factors are decisive here: the manufacturer's lease provision and the user's update. It is therefore essential to install updates for security holes.

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