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Today is a very special day in the world of IT because today is change your password day. On this day, all passwords for IT security are called upon to be “completely” exchanged. Well, that sounds very useful at first, but on closer inspection there are some problems that would not arise with other security measures. More on that in this blog.

Where to start? Let's deal with the elephant in the room first: Most account holders choose a simple permutation of their password. So "Bali2021" quickly becomes "Bali2022" and one transposed digit doesn't make the cabbage fat either. In addition, there are now more data leaks than ever before, i.e. if "Bali2021" leaks, most cybercriminals will most likely get the idea to try the current year. If the password is then used several times, the layer is in the shaft. In addition, if you change what feels like 100 passwords in a single day, you quickly lose track and waste enormous amounts of time with recovery processes etc. But there is a simple precaution that you can take to protect all accounts effectively.

We assume that everyone who has ever created an account has heard/read the term "2FA" or "2-factor authentication". This security feature is offered almost everywhere for a reason. It's fast, reliable and really offers security. This measure is based on temporary codes that change every minute. When logging in, you have to enter this randomly generated code to authenticate your identity. There are also different ways for 2FA, for example: email authentication, an authenticator app on the smartphone or even an extra dongle that you can carry with you.

Editor's tip: Create a very secure password, use a password manager to store it, and use 2FA. Example of a secure password: "*Max0&//6Smite_''. Admittedly, such a password is not meant to be remembered, but with a password manager you can easily retrieve it (even on a smartphone).

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