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New operating systems for Linux vServer!

We warmly welcome you again to our blog post on Today we have extremely good news for you Linux friends. In our spade "vServer" there are now new versions of Ubuntu and Debian. Here you can select the new operating systems for VMs and containers when ordering. Of course you can do a new installation as usual with the repository afterwards. In today's blog post, we'll give you an overview of what's new and what you can expect with the latest versions!

Ubuntu 20.04 fast and rounded

With the latest Ubuntu 20.04 you can expect native features and some system-relevant updates. The new version allows for faster boot times, which is always a welcome feature among new iterations. In addition, the kernel has been updated to 5.4 by default and comes with better security requirements, virtio-fs (driver for full OS virtualization), FS-verity (system for scanning data integrity loss) and dm-clone (tool to target device mapper and ExFAT clone data). In addition, baseline ExFAT and WireGuard support are added with the new versioning. So, if you don't have a vServer, rent one of our cheap ones Linux VPS with the latest Ubtuntu 20.04 on

Debian 10

Debian 10, codenamed "Buster", has been available for your Linux vServer for a while, but now you can also order Plesk preinstalled in a duo pack. Here is a small summary of the changes compared to the previous model: On the one hand, users can now run the Debian operating system on servers with active Secure Boot without any problems. In addition, AppArmor is now a feature enabled by default in the latest version. AppArmor is a control framework for applications that are only given a certain range of access to other files according to predefined rules. With this feature, the misuse of both known and unknown security gaps can be preemptively intercepted. Another new cool feature - or rather Quality of Life Change - are the adjustments to the man pages ("instruction manual" for command lines) for our German-speaking users. There were some additions and supplements. And the same applies here, if you don't have a vServer, rent one of our cheap Linux vServers with Debian 10 on

And what else?

Of course, all previous versions that are included in the LTS cycle will continue to be offered and, as usual, the operating system will be selected during the order process. In addition, existing customers can subsequently upgrade to any version. In addition, you can now have Plesk pre-installed with these new Linux versions! This wasn't possible before due to technical limitations, but the programming magicians from were able to get the ball rolling. I'm sure you all know what Plesk is, but here's a little rundown again: Plesk is an administration tool for servers. This extremely useful piece of software allows you to control, analyze and monitor your server on every front. In addition, you are offered a huge portfolio of plug-ins with which you can expand or customize your Plesk as required. In short: From now on you can order Plesk pre-installed with Debian 10 & Ubuntu 20.04.

Price dimension of the vServer

You can get started with your vServer Linux XS (as a VM plus €2,49 per month) for as little as €5,00 per month! Of course, €0 setup fees apply here. Secure a cheap vServer Linux with Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 10 on now.


Your team from!

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