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The new Cloud VPS at

The new blog post from is here! Today we would like to introduce you to the latest product update of our vServers - now renamed to Cloud VPS - and share the fresh features with you. Short explanation: In order to always meet the standards of the IT industry, we periodically make changes and updates to our products.

First of all: what is a virtual server?

A virtual server, vServer or VPS is initially just an instance with an operating system. The servers are operated and administered within a host system. A host system has a certain contingent of resources available. These resources are then assigned to instances (Cloud VPS) via software (hypervisor), depending on the performance of the host system, such as vCores (virtual cores), RAM, hard disk storage and network connection. Thus, virtual servers act like regular servers, except that resources are shared and not fully available like a dedicated server. Virtual servers are particularly suitable for websites, cron jobs, private backup instances or test environments.

The new Cloud VPS products

With the latest iteration of the vServer from we offer you a new configuration option. You now have the option of equipping your Cloud VPS with faster NVMe storage or larger SSD storage when ordering. This ensures flexibility with which you can choose exactly what you want and use. In addition, the XS and XXL variants have been removed and the product quantity reduced to four. Of course, you still have the choice between Linux and Windows. To that end, Linux was expanded to include AlmaLinux and Windows to include Windows Server 2022. On the subject of software: Plesk and cPanel are still available in the familiar licensing model.

New features

Not only features have found their way into the new products, but also hardware specs. The Cloud VPS Linux S starts with 4 vCores, 8 GB RAM and 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD. The vCores increase by two with each product tier and RAM/storage is doubled. You can find more information about this graduation on our new [overview page]. In addition to improved performance, each Cloud VPS has 40 TB of traffic and a 1.000 Mbit/s connection. Rent your Cloud VPS Linux from for as little as €4,49 per month. If you have any further questions or information, please feel free to contact us turn to mailbox.

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