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The Linux distribution for your server - AlmaLinux

With the demise of the RHEL-based Linux distribution CentOS, AlmaLinux is stepping into the limelight. "From the community for the community" is the motto of this committed software project. And that spirit is nurtured and kept alive through ongoing sponsorship from CloudLinux Inc. In the further course of this post we will present you with more details about the Linux distribution AlmaLinux.

In short: What is Linux?

Linux is usually referred to as open source, Unix-like operating systems based on GNU software. Linux distributions are diverse and used extensively. Both private and commercial users have enjoyed the benefits of Linux distributions for decades. With a number of variants such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and many more, iconic building blocks were laid for the Linux community and have been used ever since. New Linux distributions are also constantly being developed and improved.

AlmaLinux - the offshoot of CentOS

After RedHat announced that CentOS would not be further developed as an RHEL offshoot and that CentOS Stream would take over this role instead, the AlmaLinux project was started. AlmaLinux OS, like CentOS (pre-stream), is 1:1 binary compatible with RHEL. This makes switching from CentOS to AlmaLinux quick and easy. In addition, AlmaLinux is an enterprise Linux distribution and can therefore serve as a robust platform for business purposes. AlmaLinux is used to create secure and application-optimized operating architectures. Rent a server with the Linux distribution AlmaLinux now webtropia.com!

A strong community

Everything about AlmaLinux is enriched with an enthusiastic and friendly community. This positive aspect will be a decisive factor for the further development of AlmaLinux in the coming years. Improvements and changes are tracked together and implemented as quickly as possible. Since the desire for improvement and usefulness for users go hand in hand, update cycles ensure the desired results. Even when changing from CentOS (or any Linux distribution), the extensive knowledge of the user is available in the form of documentation. Should one consider choosing AlmaLinux as the next OS, one has a straightforward path to switch. You can with all of our dedicated servers as well as ours CloudVPS and VDS products now also install AlmaLinux free of charge or order it with your new server. You can find more information on our software side.

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