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Managing a server is one of the most important aspects and is often overlooked. But especially in the area of ​​web presence, some factors are extremely relevant. This includes, for example, the loading time of the website. In addition, the mapping of server parameters is essential and can give good insight into possible errors or improvements. And this is exactly where 360 ​​Monitoring comes in and offers an all-round package for server management. Learn more about 360 later in this blog post. Have fun while reading!

Why is website management important?

The best way to explain this question is to give an example. As already mentioned, the loading time of websites is an enormous factor for traffic and user satisfaction. A study by the US market researchers from Forrester Consulting came to the conclusion that loading times longer than 3 seconds are unacceptable for 40% of online shoppers/visitors. Accordingly, one can imagine what an effect the loading time has on the number of visitors. 360 Monitoring shows you the loading time of all your websites on a clear dashboard. Conversely, with this knowledge, you can take measures to optimize the loading time of the website. What are you waiting for? Order 360 monitoring and get started right away.

Server management on top!

Not only the performance of the respective pages is monitored, the resource usage of the servers is also mapped. These are of course just as relevant as the data about the websites. Parameters such as CPU load, RAM load, disk load and network load are specified here. So you always have everything in view and can take appropriate measures to keep your server stable. 360 Monitoring also allows the user to create alerts with specific thresholds. These alerts notify you as soon as an incident occurs.

crawlers for everyone!

In addition to the existing features, 360 Monitoring has a crawler that goes through your websites. The crawler crawls through your website once. Errors in links, images or code are searched for and displayed accordingly. In this way, “invisible” errors can be discovered and corrected.

Would you like to know what else 360 ​​Monitoring has to offer? Visit our 360 Monitoring page for more information.

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