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The Intel XEON D-1540 CPU of the Power Server

The new Intel XEON D-1540 CPU is the heart of the Dedicated Power Server, which can offer 8 x 2,0 GHz including Hyper-Threading. In addition, 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM is used as well as 2 x 1.000 GB SATA or 2 x 120 GB SSD.

The Intel XEON D-1540 has been designed for high-performance servers and comes close to the large XEON E5 chips in terms of speed. In general, the two current XEON Ds can be soldered on the board and support up to 64 GB DDR3 RAM as SO-DIMM or up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM as RDIMM. Two modules each are connected to one of the two 64-bit memory channels and server technologies such as ECC are also enabled at the same time.

There are currently two models of the XEON D series on the market, the Xeon D-1540 and the Xeon D-1520 and the next generation is already in the starting blocks. For its dedicated server, the Power Server, webtropia.com exclusively uses the XEON D-1540 with eight cores and up to 2,6 GHz, with a TDP of only 45 watts. At the same time, the D-1540 processor has Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, which means that the frequency of this processor can be increased dynamically as required. This allows you to gain more processor speed if necessary. In Turbo Boost mode, the Intel XEON D-1540 reaches a maximum clock frequency of 2,6 GHz.

Of course, the Intel XEON D-1540 also has the proven Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, which enables the processing of two threads per physical core. Applications with many threads can do more tasks in parallel and finish tasks earlier.

Further information on the CPU can be found here: https://www.webtropia.com/de/intel-xeon-d-1540-dedicated-power-server

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